How to plan the perfect Kitchen in Warrnambool

Interior designer Mia Lake says she thinks there are two things homeowners need to think about before planning a kitchen for their property in Warrnambool.

  1. Create an appliances and fixtures ‘must-have-list’ and a ‘wish-I-could-have-list’; work out if you desire a gas or induction cooktop, a double sink or large single sink, a French door fridge or double door fridge. Prioritise the ‘must-haves’, as you might not get everything you wish for due to space and budget limitations.
  2. Space requirements need to be recognised. In order for your kitchen to function, you need to understand what space you have to work with, and how much space every appliance needs. Whether you do it with a pen, paper and scale ruler or using a CAD computer program, create a floor plan with accurate site dimensions and accurately draw in the appliances.
Once you understand the space limitations and opportunities you can start working on the design.

The Best Layout for your Kitchen in Warrnambool, Victoria.

“With design, the idea of the ‘perfect triangle’ doesn’t always apply,” says Mia. “I treat my placement of appliances and layout of the kitchen like a game of netball. You don’t want to ‘travel’ – taking too many steps in a kitchen wastes time and can be dangerous with hot pots and trays. You want to move one foot and pivot to your next task. Keeping the cooktop and oven close to each other is sensible as is the fridge and the sink being close together.”

“I love having a bin-drawer on one side of my sink and dishwasher on the other, so you can systematically scrap, rinse and wash.”

“Speeding up the mundane chores such as unpacking groceries or washing dishes is a high priority for me. I would rather have more time for the fun of cooking.”

But there are some layout tricks it pays to bear in mind. Make sure the bin is near the prep area. Ensure there is clear space on either side of the hob for prep and utensil storage and keep the dishwasher close to the sink.

When it comes to storage, it’s like planning a wardrobe – you need to allow space for the things you haven’t bought yet – don’t assume you will never buy more pans, recipe books or mugs.

And talking of which, make sure you plan not only what you have but where you are going to put it. I can unload my entire dishwasher without taking a single step which makes a dull job so much easier.

The Most Important Thing to Spend Money on for your Kitchen in Warrnambool

“In terms of design aesthetics, whatever is giving you the most impact or is the feature of your design, such as the benchtop or splashback, is worth paying the big bucks for,” says Mia.

“Also consider what needs to last a long time, such as your benchtop, which is going to cop the most impact in the kitchen with prep work, cooking, cleaning and eating. It’s worth getting something of high quality.”

Anatomy of a Warrnambool Kitchens Caesarstone Benchtop

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Credit : Caesarstone Blog